Known as Uncle Lar', Larry Reeb is the wise-cracking black sheep, politically incorrect relative everyone knows.

Reeb is a strong, distinct, classic character, with sarcastic attitude and a sardonic wit. He conveys his concepts with rapid fire one liners.

"It's a sick world and I'm a happy guy", Reeb proudly announces after stating his particularly twisted observations.


Larry on Bob&Tom Show


"Larry Reeb's pungent wit and exceptional delivery makes him one of the top comedians in Chicago."
Chicago Magazine

"Uncle Lar' stood on Zanies stage, opened his mouth and astonished the audience with his brilliance. His timing is sensationally sharp...his speech provoked an audience's almost uncontrollable laughter."
Chicago Defender

"Those who want the latest advice should catch Uncle Lar's act."
Chicago Sun Times

"Hilarious tongue-in-cheek life lessons that always end with the same tag line, 'That's another tip from your Uncle Lar'."
Daily Herald

"He's not a screamer, a women hater or a buffoon. In fact his appearance is rather unassuming. But Reeb's perspective is around the block and out of might suspect that he probably had a line of credit at a mind patch unit."
St. Louis Dispatch

"A coarse but funny smart alek."
Detroit Free Press


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